Tuesday, 29 March 2011


A most exquisite ball gown, from one of the modern greats- Valentino. It dates to 1994, and the runway piece was worn by supermodel Nadja Auermann in the collection's show. Today, a similar boutique example would retail in the region of $10,000. The gown is signature to Valentino's classical work of the early 90's, when he repeatedly used this incredible duchesse silk satin fabric, and adorned his evening wear with single bows, whilst silhouettes were cut very fitted and flattered the waistline.

The dramatic shape is achieved through the skirt's construction, which is comprised of a straight line, floor length skirt, with the appearance of an overskirt that gently billows and cascades, whilst lengthening towards the back, ending in a trailing hemline. The bodice treatment accentuates the strapless heart neckline in a graceful manner.

Fashioned from rich, copper brown duchesse silk satin, which is smooth and of a substantial weight, it's one of the most luxurious materials used in couture & high fashion. The material is also backed with stiffened tulle, which is internal, and backed in the satin, and finally lined in fine silk. The internal tulle method is done to help maintain the structured shape. There is also an internal bustier series of boning and brassiere for support. It fastens with an internal waistband, and zipper to the lining and exterior. Fits a modern US 4 or small 6.

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