Thursday, 14 October 2010


Does perfection exist in fashion? What would it be- a whimsical robe de gala created by Dior, a slimline ultra minimalist demi-soir sheath by Balenciaga, or an elaborately adorned Balmain robe de soir with handwork by Lesage? One can only wonder and dream the definition, yet when eyes are laid upon a creation such as this, the reality is present, of what can only be described as "perfection."

A haute couture robe de cocktail of black silk, by the great Hubert de Givenchy, very much reminiscent in style to that of his muse- Audrey Hepburn, with elegance in abundance and seductive femininity. It bears meticulous styling, and sculptural form, that meets geometric precision- seen in the strong, bold lines and cuts of the construction... (read full description here)
Garment Measurements: Bust 36", Waist 27"

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